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Fertility Nutrition

Registered Dietitian
Lindsay Schuld MS, RD, LD
In Vitro Nutrition 

While I have experience counseling patients with chronic illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and GI issues like IBS, Crohn’s Disease etc., my passion lies with helping people lose weight so they can look and feel their best. Recently, my area of focus changed when my husband and I were going through IVF.

As a dietitian, I knew how important nutrition was for fertility, but after having been to two different clinics, I realized that neither one had bothered to ask me any questions regarding my diet and lifestyle. Why wasn’t a dietitian part of the fertility evaluation process? Why didn’t anyone discuss the importance of improving egg quality by following the right diet and taking the right supplements? I knew without a doubt that nutrition is a co-factor, if not the KEY factor in a lot of couple’s infertility diagnoses.

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